About Chelsey 

Chelsey Smith (M.A.) is a communications and culture specialist and activist devoted to creating and engaging others in social change. She excels in social and digital strategy, capacity building, campaign creation and management, branding, and movement building. 

Beyond an array of volunteer work in her hometown of Edmonton, she has always been passionate about peace and justice in a global context, and worked to support the rights of children in Ghana (2008), to combat gender-based violence in Swaziland (2013), and to rebrand a movement toward a transformative feminist society in Tanzania (2016).  Working in international development and advocacy is a challenge that Chelsey tackles with fierce determination, creativity, and tenacity.

She is in constant pursuit of truth, justice, and the perfect pinot noir. When she isn't working, she can be found traveling, writing, and about town in Toronto.  

Chelsey is available for hire, for coffee, and for the revolution.